WGC 2022 Screenwriting Awards Finalists

Corner Gas Animated, “Haunt for Dread October” I Written by Brent Butt & Andrew Carr
Sort Of, “Sort of Back” I Written by Jenn Engels
Sort Of, “Sort of Gone” I Written by Bilal Baig & Fab Filippo
Sort Of, “Sort of Mary Poppins” I Written by Ian Iqbal Rashid
Sort Of, “Sort of Stable” I Written by Nelu Handa

Coroner, “Blue Flock” I Written by Seneca Aaron
Family Law, “Mama Don’t Preach” I Story by Corey Liu, Teleplay by Sonja Bennett 
Moonshine, “Zen and the Art of Midlife Maintenance” I Written by Kate Spurgeon
Murdoch Mysteries, “The Ministry of Virtue” I Written by Christina Ray
Pretty Hard Cases, “Bananas” I Written by Tassie Cameron & Sherry White
Wynonna Earp, “Life Turned Her That Way” I Written by Noelle Carbone

All My Puny Sorrows I Written by Michael McGowan
Charlotte I Screen Story by Erik Rutherford, Screenplay by Erik Rutherford and David Bezmozgis

As Gouda As It Gets I Written by James Phillips
Cross Country Christmas I Written by Kirsten Hansen
Seasoned with Love I Written by Gemma Holdway
Together Forever Tea I Written by Elizabeth Stewart

Elinor Wonders Why, “Olive’s Tree” I Written by Michael Foulke
Elinor Wonders Why, “Rocky the Rock” I Written by Katherine Sandford
Happy House of Frightenstein, “Can’t Fight the Beat” I Written by Diana Moore
Paw Patrol, “Pups Save a Clown” I Written by Sean Jara
Ranger Rob, “Ogety Jokety in Big Sky Park” I Written by Carolyn Hay & Andrew Sabiston

Beast Mode 6ix I Written by Jeremy Boxen
My PrideThe Series, “Fire” I Written by Maddi Patton
Quarantine Fling I Written by Nathaniel Moher
The Solutioneers, “The Solutioneers vs. The Stinky Locker I Written by Thomas Conway

Holly Hobbie, “The Bumbling Bossgirl” I Written by Matt Huether
Holly Hobbie, “The Slimy Sensation” I Written by Vivian Lin
The Parker Andersons I Amelia Parker, “Father & Sons” I Written by Ian Steaman
The Parker Andersons I Amelia Parker, “Joy” I Written by Amanda Joy
The Parker Andersons I Amelia Parker, “This Wasn’t the Plan” I Written by Murry Peeters

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